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How to get to our Lapoint surf camp in Hoddevik, Norway

Our surf camp in Norway is one of our most calm and beautiful camps, surrounded by the peacefulness of Scandinavian nature. But it's also the camp that is the most remote. What is the best way to get to Hoddevik? Here’s how you get to our Nordic paradise by car, ferry or bus. 

If surfing in northern Europe is on your bucket list, then Hoddevik is the place for you to visit! This beautiful bay feels like magic, with the fun surf, fresh air and calm atmosphere. But this paradise is located quite remotely. So how can you get there? We’ll help you out!

How can I get to Hoddevik, Norway?

Getting to our surf camp in Hoddevik can be a little tricky, it is our most off-the-beaten-track surf camp after all. So here is your guide on how to travel to Hoddevik by bus, car and ferry:

By bus

When you land at Oslo’s international airport, Oslo Gardermoen Airport, you can take the bus to the camp. You can book your bus ticket here at Vy. Have a look at the departure time of the bus before booking your flight ticket, since the bus doesn't have too many time options. 

There you put “Oslo lufthavn” as your departing stop and “Bryggja” (make sure that you chose Bryggja in Stad, Vestland) as your destination. The bus trip will last somewhere between eight to nine hours, so make sure to wear something comfortable and bring snacks from the airport before getting on the bus. Even though the bus ride is long, you will have spectacular views of Norway during the trip! 

Once you got off the bus in Bryggja, there is around one hour drive to the camp, so make sure to have a taxi ride ready before arriving at the bus stop. You can call a local taxi on this number 0047 908 40 787. 

When you go back to Oslo Airport, you will get on the bus at the same stop as you got off.

By car

The easiest and smoothest way to get to the Hoddevik surf camp is by car. You can either drive from your home or rent a car at the airport. Since Hoddevik doesn't have access to public transportation, this will make you much freer during your stay. Not only is it the best way to get to the camp, but it’s also much nicer to have a car during your stay at the camp if you want to do some exploring!

If you won’t rent a car for your Hoddevik surf trip, don’t worry! The surf spot is within walking distance from the camp and so is our favorite mountain hike.

With the ferry

The closest ferry stop to Hoddevik is Selje, and from there you are around a 45-minute taxi ride away from the surf camp. 

Which is the closest town to Hoddevik?

The closest town to Hoddevik is called Leikanger and is located around a 20-minute drive from the surf camp. In Leikanger you’ll find a gas station and a supermarket called Bunnpris.

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